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\mathbf in sn-jnl

Postby Coco256 » Tue Oct 05, 2021 7:29 pm


Please help me: the Springer latex template is not working when I compile the file.

Latex error is:
\mathbf allowed only in math mode

\documentclass[sn-mathphys]{sn-jnl}% Math and Physical Sciences Reference Style



\newtheorem{theorem}{Theorem}%  meant for continuous numbers
%%\newtheorem{theorem}{Theorem}[section]% meant for sectionwise numbers
%% optional argument [theorem] produces theorem numbering sequence instead of independent numbers for Proposition
%%\newtheorem{proposition}{Proposition}% to get separate numbers for theorem and proposition etc.






\author*[1,2]{\fnm{First} \sur{D. Marc}}\email{...............}

\affil*[1]{\orgdiv{Institute of Mathematics}, \orgname{ Academy}, \orgaddress{\street{no 598}, \city{Valencia}, \postcode{00000000}, \country{Spain}}}





Let us denote
\xi = |\mathbf{G} - \mathbf{\overline{G}}| + |\mathbf{C} - \overline{\mathbf{C}}| + |\mathbf{H} - \overline{\mathbf{H}}| + |\dot{\mathbf{G}} - \dot{\overline{\mathbf{G}}}| + |\dot{\mathbf{C}} - \dot{\overline{\mathbf{C}}}| + |\dot{\mathbf{H}} - \dot{\overline{\mathbf{H}}}| + |T -\overline{T}|,

Thank you!
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