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Align equation

Postby Isus » Tue Aug 24, 2021 3:42 pm


Is there a way to make this easier and nicer to read? \cup and last \cap should be in the middle, nested parentheses would be nice but couldn't get them to work with:

Also i would use && \cup && but it goes out the margins.

2021-08-24_15-38.png (36.55 KiB) Viewed 2247 times


\geometry{footskip=60pt, textwidth=500pt}

((A\Delta B)\backslash(A\cup B))
&& \cup &
((A\cup B)\backslash(A\Delta B))
(((A\cap B^c)\cup (B\cap A^c))\cap A^c \cap B^c)
&& \cup &
((A\cup B)\cap ((A\cap B^c)\cup (B\cap A^c))^c)
((B\cup (A\cap B^c))\cap(A^c\cup (A\cap B^c))\cap A^c\cap B^c)
&& \cup &
((A\cup B) \cap (A^c\cup B)\cap (A\cup B^c))
((A\cup B)\cap (A^c \cup B^c)\cap A^c\cap B^c)
&& \cup &
(((A\cap (A^c\cup B))\cup (B\cap(A^c\cup B)))\cap (A\cup B^c))
((A\cup B)\cap A^c \cap B^c)
&& \cup &
((\varnothing \cup B)\cap (A\cup B^c))
(A^c\cap B\cap B^c)
&& \cup &
(B\cap (A\cup B^c))
A^c\cap \varnothing
&& \cup &
((B\cap A)\cup(B\cap B^c))
&& \cup &
(A\cap B)
A && \cap & B

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