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"Sentences" in Algorithms

Postby user22741 » Sun Aug 09, 2020 7:51 pm

for my master thesis I have the following problem.
I have algorithms, which are formulated in "mathematical language".
But i also have "algorithms" if you want to call it like that, that consists of orders. Some algorithms are a lot easier to understand if it is written in sentences and not in a few-word-pseudocode .
A little example (doesn't make sence, I know):
1. Sort all rectangles by size
2. Compare the rectangles by their overlapping area and delete, if overlapping area bigger then threshold, delete the smaller one (some sentences are longer then this one)
3. Decrease threshold
4. Repeat from step 2 until only one rectangle remaining
5. Return the rectangle

My supervisor says that it is okay, but it should look like an algorithm (surrounding box, line numbering and entry in algorithm directory). Have you any advice to make these two types somehow consistent?
I could use itemize wirh the framed package, but it wouldn't occur in algorithm directory...
I could use e.g. algorithmic-package, but that would probably not look good with sentences.

Thank you for any help

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