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Automatically scaled Delimiters in multiline Equations

Postby gmgpina20 » Tue Dec 17, 2013 3:29 am

Dear users, can you help me in introducing an equation in {eqnarray} environment? The equation in question is this.
  1. \begin{eqnarray}\label{eq:verom}
  2. \mathcal{L}(\alpha,\Omega) &\propto&\left|\Omega \otimes \mathbb{I}_{T}\right|^{-1/2}exp\left\{-\frac{1}{2}\left(\alpha-\alpha_{ols}\right)^{\prime}\left(\Omega^{-1}\otimes \mathbb{X}^{\prime}\mathbb{X}\right)\left(\alpha-\alpha_{ols}\right) \nonumber \\
  3. &-&\frac{1}{2}\left[\left(\Omega^{-1/2}\otimes \mathbb{I}_{T}\right)y-\left(\Omega^{-1/2}\otimes \mathbb{X}\right)\alpha_{ols}\right]^{\prime}\left[\left(\Omega^{-1/2}\otimes \mathbb{I}_{T}\right)y-\left(\Omega^{-1/2}\otimes \mathbb{X}\right)\alpha_{ols}\right]\right\}
  4. \end{eqnarray}

When I run the file, I got some errors because \exp\left\{ \right\} is not recognized for separate equation. How can I open { in one line and close it again -}- in another line in {eqnarray} environment?

Thank you for you help.
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Postby localghost » Tue Dec 17, 2013 10:43 am

Avoid eqnarray! Use the corresponding environments provided by amsmath (perhaps enhanced by mathtools from the mh bundle).

Regardless of that you can't split automatically scaled pairs of delimiters over several lines. Either use a closing invisible delimiter or manual delimiter scaling.

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Postby gmgpina20 » Thu Dec 19, 2013 3:32 am

Thank you for your help and for the article. it was very helpful. Here is the correct specification.
  1. \begin{equation}\label{eq:veronormawish}
  2. \begin{split}
  3. \mathcal{L}\left(\alpha,\Omega\right) \propto{}& \abs{\Omega \otimes
  4. \mathbb{I}_{T}}^{-1/2}
  5. \exp\Bigl\{-\tfrac{1}{2}(\alpha-\alpha_{ols})^{\prime}(\Omega^{-1}\otimes
  6. \mathbb{X}^{\prime}\mathbb{X})(\alpha-\alpha_{ols})
  7. \\
  8. &-\frac{1}{2}\bigl[(\Omega^{-1/2}\otimes
  9. \mathbb{I}_{T})y-(\Omega^{-1/2}\otimes
  10. \mathbb{X})\alpha_{ols}\bigr]^{\prime}
  11. \\
  12. &\times\bigl[(\Omega^{-1/2}\otimes
  13. \mathbb{I}_{T})y-(\Omega^{-1/2}\otimes
  14. \mathbb{X})\alpha_{ols}\bigr]\Bigr\}
  15. \end{split}
  16. \end{equation}

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