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Sodium hypochlorite

Postby rbpadri » Fri Sep 09, 2022 3:23 pm

Does anyone know about the advantages of the Sodium hypochlorite ?

Water is a basic element for life on earth, but it is also crucial for global social and economic development. However, it is not always easy to have access to clean water both for direct human consumption and, for example, for the food industry.

Treatment with sodium hypochlorite is the most efficient way of disinfecting water to make it potable. It not only makes it fit for human consumption, but also ensures that it remains disinfected all the way from the water treatment plant to the tap or proper storage, as sodium hypochlorite is very effective against microbes that can live in water, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae.

Thus, we can state that 100% of the world's population needs sodium hypochlorite to disinfect and treat drinking water, but at the same time a large percentage of the population does not have direct access to this material, but has to import it.

There is a major drawback to importing: Sodium hypochlorite is considered a hazardous material by the ADR, which on the one hand limits or prevents its distribution in certain countries, and on the other hand makes its transport more expensive, as special containers are required for the transport of this type of goods.

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