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Article class - list of appendix elements before appendix.

Postby daniel135 » Wed Sep 01, 2021 1:45 pm


This is my first post and I am not very good at Latex, so please be kind :)

I am writing my thesis in article class and i need to have an appendix at the end of my document. I am supposed to have a table of appendix elements right before the appendix which lists all the tables and figures in the appendex with their respective page numbers. I have managed to call my appendix pages A1 A2.... and the captions of the figures like "Figure A1, Figure A2, Table A1.....". then Figure B1 etc. in appendix B (which is in the same tex file). I am using the appendix package. In my table of contents I want to show Appendix A1, A2, B1.... and I do not want the figures and tables which are in the appendix to appear in the table of figures/tables, only in the list of appendix elements.

Explictly, I would like:





Table of Appendix Elements

Figure A1xyz..................................[page number]
Figure A2
Figure B1

Table A1
Table B1
Table B2.


Appendix A
Figure A1
Figure A2

Appendix B
Figure B1
Table B1
Table B2

I am hoping you can help!

Thanks in advance!


This is contained in my tex file "appendix" which i include in my main tex file:

%\fancyhead[L]{Appendix \thesubsection}



\subsection[Blah blah]{Blah Blah Blah Blah}

  \caption{blah blah}

\subsection{A subsection}


\fancyhead[L]{Appendix \thesubsection}

\subsection{A subssection}


    \caption[Toxic pies]{Lots of toxic pies}


my main document includes: 


\author{Joe Bloggs}


%\includepdf[pagecommand ={\thsipagestyle{}},pages = 1]{Declaration}




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