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Difficulty creating a vertical graph with text attached.

Postby ccvrijs » Tue Sep 29, 2020 3:54 pm

I have some difficulty creating a vertical graph with text attached.
The graph allways starts and end with a "oplus" symbol and need to be 15cm at all times (no matter how many distance values there are, so it needs to be scaled to a standard value of 15cm). The column "Afst./m" got variable distance values. (FYI: i'm creating this graph in visual studio with a foreach loop).

For each distance value i want a "X" symbol on the graph line with a line to the distance value followed by the BC** code and in the last column the description of the code.

Previously I have made beautiful graphs with X and Y axes, but with this single axis graph I get completely stuck. Does anyone here have a good idea to make this a reality.
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