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intersection of arbitrary paths

Postby kent » Sat Aug 03, 2019 2:03 pm

I am using the intersection library for arbitrary paths in PGF 3.0 (PGF manual: $13.3.2) and run into problems.

I am trying to calculate/mark 1) the two intersection points between a hyperbola branch and a circle and 2) the intersection point between a straight line (the real axis of the hyperbola) and the hyperbola branch. The latter case fails. The first case succeeds.

In attachment one there is a detailed description of the problem and in attachment two, a to-the-point Latex/PGF code is provided.

If anybody can explain why the calculation fails for case 2), I will be deligthed to learn why.

Any feedback is highly appreciated.

Best regards,
Kent Holing
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