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Font Size in the table

Postby ciema7 » Mon Jun 10, 2019 12:38 pm

Hello Everyone,

I tried to find the solution but options i found didnt work. I need to present my results in table, but font size is too small.
Can You help me increase font size, but not changing my settings for the whole document (and keep table adjusted to the page size)?

Here is my code:



\lstset{language=matlab,basicstyle=\footnotesize,showstringspaces=false,style = Matlab-editor,basicstyle=\mlttfamily,
escapechar= ",mlshowsectionrules = true}

\graphicspath{ {figures/} }


\hspace{-0.1cm}\text{ Tab. 5 \textit{Wyniki analizy statycznej dla wariantu nr 4 obciążenia korpusu}}


{\color[HTML]{FFFFFF} \textbf{Wariant obciążenia korpusu nr 4}} & {\color[HTML]{FFFFFF} \textbf{\begin{tabular}[c]{@{}c@{}}Maksymalne przemieszczenia \\ dla kierunku x {[}mm{]}\end{tabular}}} & {\color[HTML]{FFFFFF}\textbf{\begin{tabular}[c]{@{}c@{}}Maksymalne przemieszczenia \\ dla kierunku y {[}mm{]}\end{tabular}}} & {\color[HTML]{FFFFFF} \textbf{\begin{tabular}[c]{@{}c@{}}Maksymalne przemieszczenia \\ dla kierunku z {[}mm{]}\end{tabular}}} & {\color[HTML]{FFFFFF} \textbf{Maksymalne przemieszczenia wypadkowe {[}mm{]}}} & {\color[HTML]{FFFFFF} \textbf{Maksymalne naprężenia wypadkowe {[}MPa{]}}} \\ \hline

\cellcolor[RGB]{31,78,121}{\color[HTML]{FFFFFF} \textbf{\begin{tabular}[c]{@{}c@{}}Zastosowanie podpory nieprzesuwnej \\ w 4. otworach montażowych,\\ zgodnie z rys.32\end{tabular}}} & \cellcolor[RGB]{208,206,206}0,0015484 & \cellcolor[RGB]{208,206,206}0,000068087 & \cellcolor[RGB]{208,206,206}0,001327 & {\color[HTML]{000000}\cellcolor[RGB]{208,206,206} 0,0054075}& {\color[HTML]{000000}\cellcolor[RGB]{208,206,206} 4,0204} \\ \hline \rowcolor[RGB]{31,78,121}
\cellcolor[RGB]{31,78,121}{\color[HTML]{FFFFFF} \textbf{\begin{tabular}[c]{@{}c@{}}Zastosowanie podpory nieprzesuwnej \\ w 4. otworach montażowych\\ i podpory beztarciowej na powierzchniach \\ od spodu korpusu,\\ zgodnie z rys. 33\end{tabular}}} & \cellcolor[RGB]{208,206,206}0,00074249 & \cellcolor[RGB]{208,206,206}0,000042951 & \cellcolor[RGB]{208,206,206}0,00031933 & {\color[HTML]{000000} \cellcolor[RGB]{208,206,206}}0,0040384 & {\color[HTML]{000000} \cellcolor[RGB]{208,206,206}1,0427} \\ \hline

\cellcolor[RGB]{31,78,121}{\color[HTML]{FFFFFF}\textbf{Błąd względny {[}\%{]}}} &
\cellcolor[RGB]{208,206,206}52 &
\cellcolor[RGB]{208,206,206}36,9 &
\cellcolor[RGB]{208,206,206}75,9 &
\cellcolor[RGB]{208,206,206}25,3 &
\cellcolor[RGB]{208,206,206}74 \\ \hline



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Ijon Tichy
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Postby Ijon Tichy » Tue Jun 11, 2019 7:42 am

If you shrink a house to a matchbox, you should not expect to be able to enter the door.

So you have to redesign your table to not longer need the \resizebox{\textwidth}{!}{…}. Otherwise changing the font size wouldn't change a lot, because the font always would be resized to a very tiny one by the \resizebox command.

BTW: You should not set the table caption manually but use \caption. You are already loading package caption, so you can use this package to configure the design of the captions. Using \caption would also allow you to use \label and \ref to reference your tables.

Package parskip should be loaded after scrextend or you should replace fontsize=12pt by 12pt. Otherwise parskip would set the paragraph skip relative to 10pt instead of 12pt.

Most packages are not needed for the Infominimal working example. Some are even more or less useless (e.g. loading setspace before loading and using leading). So it would be useful, if you would reduce your document preamble. And you should use the "Code" button or "Select code" selecting "TeX (LaTeX)" to add your source code.

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Postby ciema7 » Tue Jun 11, 2019 9:39 am

Many thanks for help!

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