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Center caption with format=hang

Postby fn123 » Thu Jan 03, 2019 12:06 pm


I'd like to center the caption under a figure but keep the format of the caption as hang. The position of the caption should be centered with respect to the page but not the text itself. At the moment I can either center everything with the wrong format or have the caption stuck to the left side of the document with the right format. The reason I want this is that I have a multiline caption looking like this:

Figure 21: XYZ
------------>(a) Bla
------------>(b) Bla

(a) and (b) should be aligned and I dont know how I can achieve this otherwise. The best thing would be a functionality like the align package provides, where I can specify the position of the alignment of the text. I'd actually like it to look like this

Figure 21: XYZ with (a) Bla
----------------------->(b) Bla

but I doubt thats easily done.


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