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Hyperlink on an exe animation from pdf

Postby Lamp73 » Tue Dec 13, 2016 10:22 pm

Hi LaTeX experts,
During a presentation I would like to call the IrfanView generated animation FILM.exe via \href from LECTURE.pdf.

That functions from notepad++ by the link file:///G:/.../.../FILM.exe without problem. My attempts to produce a functional link in LECTURE.tex all fail (cp. code below).

Please help me with a functional formulation of the hyperlink on FILM.exe in the tex-file.

  1. %LECTURE.tex
  2. \documentclass[12pt, page number]{beamer}
  3. \usepackage[ngerman]{babel}
  4. \usepackage{pdfsync}
  5. \begin{document}
  7. \href{}{ o.k.}\\
  8. \href{PDF.pdf}{PDF.pdf o.k.}\\
  9. \href{TXT.txt}{TXT.txt FAILING 1}\\
  10. \href{file:///G:/.../.../FILM.exe}FAILING 2}\\
  11. \href{G:/.../.../FILM.exe}{FAILING 3}\\
  12. \href{FILM.exe}{FAILING 4}\\
  14. \end{document}

All named files are in the same folder. The compilation of LECTURE.tex on my Windows machine generates no errors.

Kind regards

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