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PSTricks: pscustom deforms object

Postby WorksAsIntended » Fri Sep 23, 2016 9:53 am

Hi there,
I am new at your community. I work with LaTex for many years now, but only have very basic knowledge about pstricks, where i stumbled over the following problem:

If I combine psline and pscurve to create an object and put it into pscustom, the object gets deformed. To me it looks like the bezier curve gets some additional boundary conditions due to closing the paths, but I might be completly mistaken there. This example is part of a bigger scetch (therefore the maybe odd numbers), I tried to scetch a concave lense:
Code: [Select all] [Expand/Collapse] [Download] ({untitled.tex})
  1. \begin{pspicture}(.2,1)
  2. \pscustom[fillstyle=solid, fillcolor=lightgray, linestyle=dashed]{
  3. \psline(2.9,2.15)(3.1,2.15)
  4. \pscurve(3.1,2.15)(3.03,1.65)(3.1,1.15)
  5. \psline(3.1,1.15)(2.9,1.15)
  6. \pscurve(2.9,1.15)(2.97,1.65)(2.9,2.15)}
  8. \psline(2.9,2.15)(3.1,2.15)
  9. \pscurve(3.1,2.15)(3.03,1.65)(3.1,1.15)
  10. \psline(3.1,1.15)(2.9,1.15)
  11. \pscurve(2.9,1.15)(2.97,1.65)(2.9,2.15)
  12. \end{pspicture}

Doubling and linestyle=dashed ofc just for demonstration. Is there any way to get this done correctly?
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