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can't convert these images in lualatex

Postby csayantan » Mon Jun 20, 2022 2:33 pm

i can't convert this image in lualatex
so far i have only
mynode/.style args={#1/#2/#3/#4/#5}{
rounded corners=#5,
minimum height=#3,
minimum width=#4,
    \node (a) [mynode=/gray!15/3cm/18cm/10pt] {};
    \node (b) [mynode={white,right=1cm}/blue/2cm/5.5cm/0pt] at (a.west) {Data File};
    \coordinate (tmp) at (b.east);
    \foreach \word/\col in {Parameter\\file/green,Control\\ File/green!50!black,Password\\File/blue!30,Archive Log\\File/purple}
        \node (tmp) [mynode={white,anchor=west,right=3pt,align=center}/\col/2cm/2.5cm/0pt] at (tmp.east) {\word};

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