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thumby package and vertical text

Postby Faust » Thu Mar 25, 2010 7:22 pm

I'm using thumby package for tabs and it works fine. However, I'd like to use vertical text saying "chapter #"

Using the rotating package will result in errors trying to format the text.

I can use commands like \fontsize etc. to change the appearance.
Is there a way around this to get it vertical -a hack or a change in the style sheet-
  1. \usepackage{thumby}
  2. \thumbySides{two}
  3. \thumbyTotalChapters{10}
  4. \thumbyPageHeight{795}
  5. \thumbyThumbWidth{42.5}
  6. \thumbyForeground{white}
  7. \thumbyBackground{black}
  8. \thumbyNumberFormat{\Huge\textbf{$chapter number}}
  9. \thumbySetup

Its a perltex package and I have no knowledge of Perl.

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Postby Faust » Thu Mar 25, 2010 8:52 pm

stylesheet is included; how can I in an easy way modify it for support of vertical text?

Edit by localghost: Attaching a whole package file is not necessary at all in this case. And especially not in the code environment. A simple link to the thumby entry on CTAN is enough.

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Postby localghost » Thu Mar 25, 2010 9:49 pm

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