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Extra character bug

Postby jokester01au » Wed Jan 28, 2009 5:32 am


I have a problem where a "ý" character appears incorrectly in my paper. It appears above every footnote, as well as sometimes where I specify figures (where the figure environment is in the tex, not where the figure is placed).

I've attached a pdf showing the problem as well as an excerpt of the tex used to generate the pdf, but I dont think that the problem is in the tex source shown. It must be somewhere in the latex macros I think.

Has anyone dealt with this before? Alternatively, can anyone suggest how I can start fiddling with the underlying latex source to try to isolate where the problem is occurring?

Kind regards,
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Postby phi » Wed Jan 28, 2009 8:44 am

please provide a minimum working example. Your code doesn't compile, and if I complete it in this way
  1. \documentclass{article}
  2. \usepackage{varioref}
  4. \begin{document}
  5. Throughout the proceeding discussion, the example shown in Figure \vref{fig:semantics:ontologyEg} will be used to illustrate each concept. The example consists of a short Audio-Visual clip that forms part of a news article on events in the middle-east\footnote{This clip was used by permission from SBS World News Australia.}. The first part of the ...
  9. \subsubsection{Data Units}
  10. \label{sec:semantics:dataUnits}
  12. % something about some figures causes the ý
  13. \begin{figure}{1}
  14. \centering
  15. % \includegraphics[width=\textwidth, page=8]{semantics}
  16. \hbox to \textwidth{\hss\vrule height 5cm\hss}
  17. \caption{Example instances of semantic distortion classes describing the data units of a H.264/AVC bitstream}
  18. \label{fig:semantics:ontologyEg-DataUnits}
  19. \end{figure}
  22. For the purposes of R-D Optimization, Chou designates an atomic segment of ...
  23. \end{document}
there is no ý anywhere.

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Postby Keta » Wed Jan 28, 2009 12:52 pm

Could be some encoding problem? Make sure to specify which encoding is your file written in by using:
  1. \usepackage[encoding]{inputenc}

Change "encoding" with the encoding you use, e.g. utf8 or latin9.

It happened once to me, in Linux I write my files using utf-8 encoding; when opened in TeXnicCenter weird characters appeared and couldn't really work with it because TeXnicCenter wasn't able to work in utf-8.

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Postby jokester01au » Thu Jan 29, 2009 5:39 am

phi wrote:Hi,
please provide a minimum working example.

Good point. sorry about that.

I've figured it out - it was an interaction between my document class and
  1. \usepackage[T1]{fontenc}

If I remove that package or if I change document class, the problem goes away.

Here's a minimal working example (class file is attached):

  1. \documentclass{snrcthesis}
  2. \global\nonstopmode
  3. \usepackage[T1]{fontenc}
  5. \begin{document}
  6. ..\footnote{xxxx}.
  7. \begin{figure}
  8. .
  9. \end{figure}
  10. xx
  11. \end{document}
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Postby phi » Thu Jan 29, 2009 1:50 pm

And this compiles without error? When I try to compile it, I get the error "Something's wrong—perhaps a missing \item". If I remove the footnote, I get the warning "Please stop using fancyheadings".

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Postby jokester01au » Fri Jan 30, 2009 1:56 am

I get that error too. That's why I added

  1. \global\nonstopmode

It seems like your system doesn't honor that. There is also a command-line argument to set this mode (-interaction=nonstopmode in miktex).

As for the error itself, it doesn't make much sense to me. Clearly "a missing \item" is a wild stab in the dark. I suspect it is to do with the fact that the class file expects a whole lot of definitions (\title, \author, etc. etc.) and it isn't finding them. But for the purposes of the example, if you can run latex in non-stop mode then it should work.

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