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Issues with enumerate

Postby KCook3824 » Sat Nov 20, 2021 7:29 pm

First I've not used Latex very much yet and am admittedly fairly weak with it. I've started with a template but had to create a new command to get the formatting I wanted. I'm calling the new command inside of an enumerated list. Issues I have:

second item is not being numbered
Large between {#1} and {#2} (included the newcommand definition below)
Error saying enumerate is being ended by \end{document} even though I've included \end{enumerate} (though "enumerate" is showing in the document as text.

newcommand definition is below:

\noindent {#1} \hfill
\noindent \emph{#2}
\normalsize \par}

enumerate section below:


\item \PubEntry{Aleksic, J. et al. including \textbf{Cook, K. W.}, 2013, A\&A, 556, A67, 28,}{"The simultaneous low state spectral energy distribution of 1ES 2344+514 from radio to very high energies"}

\item \PubEntry{Thomas-Osip, J.E., Prieto, G., Berdja, A., \textbf{Cook, K. W.}, Villanueva Jr., S., DePoy, D.L., Marshall, J. L., Rheault, J.P., Allen, R. D., and Carona, D. W., 2012, PASP, 124, 84,}{"Characterizing Optical Turbulence at the GMT site with MooSci and MASS-DIMM"}


Hopefully this isn't too stupid but I appreciate any help and suggestions you have.
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Issues with enumerate

Postby Bartman » Sat Nov 20, 2021 10:46 pm

It would be accommodating of you if you could give a Infominimal working example and mark its code.

This numbered list looks like a bibliography. In LaTeX introductions it is explained, among other things, what possibilities there are to create one.

Why do you define a command with four arguments but only use two of them?

A note on the content of the list: The csquotes package can help you add quotation marks.
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Issues with enumerate  Topic is solved

Postby KCook3824 » Sat Nov 20, 2021 10:54 pm

This was my first attempt to define a newcommand and I started from a previous example and adapted it. I didn't realize I had defined 4 arguments and changing that actually corrected the issue. In the future I'll be sure to keep your other comments in mind.

Not only is the problem fixed but I learned a bit too. Thank you!

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