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name sty error message

Postby huu2014 » Fri Feb 21, 2014 2:41 pm

Hello all,
I am new to latex and would like to start using it.I have few question:
1. Is there a package for proposal writing?.
2.Which is the good bibliography to use ?. bibtex or biblatex?
3. When I use bibliography style named, getting the following error ,"named.sty' not found". is there a package for this?.

Ubuntu 13.10
Texlive 2013

Thank you



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Postby hugovdberg » Fri Feb 21, 2014 5:42 pm

First of all welcome to the community!

1) I don't think there is a documentclass specific for writing proposals, and I'm not familiar enough with writing such documents to know if or how you could benefit from such class.
2) BibTeX is the original way, since you're new to LaTeX I would recommend biblatex. Unfortunately many longer-time users are reluctant to switch since everything is just slightly different, and so support can sometimes be a bit less abundant than for BibTex, but I managed to switch an entire document in a matter of a few hours and don't really want to go back.
I should note however that biblatex is just the set of LaTeX macro's, you could still use BibTeX as the backend to process your bibliography file(s), but I strongly recommend using biber. Make sure you have the latest versions of both biblatex (2.8a) en biber(1.8), especially when using lualatex or xelatex to compile your documents, which again I'd recommend if you're new to the whole concept.
3) I'm not sure if there is a bibliographystyle called named, I guess you just want your references as (author, year) or author (year), instead of [1]? In that case you should use the bibliographystyle authoryear or authoryear-comp. For a list of available bibliographystyles please take a look at the biblatex manual.

[offtopic]I also see you're off to a good start, I use exactly the same setup, and it works fine. Only thing I changed in the texmaker settings was to use lualatex instead of pdflatex, since lualatex is less memory-limited and has built in unicode support. PS to fans of other platforms: this is not meant to be the start of a flamewar, I like this setup, if you like yours better, good for you ;) [/offtopic]
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