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Write Algorithm with certain Style

Postby GommaFleX » Fri Nov 11, 2011 12:28 am

Hi all, I'm trying to write an algorithm with a style as shown in the attachment. Unfortunately line breaks don't work well. The manual says:
Warning For users of earlier versions of algorithmic this construct is a cause of an incompatibility. In the earlier version, instead of starting simple statements with the \STATE command, simple statements were entered as free text and terminated with \\ command. Unfortunately, this simpler method failed to survive the modifications necessary for statement numbering. However,the \\ command can still be used to force a line break within a simple statement. doesn't work.
if i write
\STATE text
\IF {cond}
\STATE other text
it doesn't line break resulting in
5: textif cond then

what can I do?
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Postby localghost » Fri Nov 11, 2011 10:58 am

The algorithms bundle provides structures which support writing algorithms. Your example translated into code.
  1. \documentclass[11pt]{article}
  2. \usepackage[T1]{fontenc}
  3. \usepackage{algorithm,algorithmic}
  5. \begin{document}
  6. \begin{algorithm}
  7. \caption{Calculate $Q_{ij}$}\label{alg:calcqij}
  8. \begin{algorithmic}[1]
  9. \REQUIRE $\tau>0,A\ne\emptyset,N=|A|$
  10. \ENSURE $Q_{ij}(\Delta t)\sum_{t\in A} e^{-\frac{|t-\delta t|}{\tau}}, \forall t\in A$
  11. \STATE $\mathbf{A}\Leftarrow\mathrm{sort}(A)\;\{O(N\log N)\}$
  12. \STATE $Q^-(1)\Leftarrow 1$
  13. \STATE $Q^+(N)\Leftarrow 0$
  14. \FOR{$k=1$ \TO $N-1$}
  15. \STATE $ed(k)\Leftarrow e^{-\frac{\mathbf{A}(k+1)-\mathbf{A}(k)}{\tau}}$
  16. \ENDFOR
  17. \FOR{$k=1$ \TO $N-1$}
  18. \STATE $Q^-(k+1)\Leftarrow 1+Q^-(k)\cdot ed(k)$
  19. \STATE $Q^+(N-k)\Leftarrow (Q^+(N-k+1)+1)\cdot ed(N-k)$
  20. \ENDFOR
  21. \FOR{$k=1$ \TO $N$}
  22. \STATE $Q_{ij}(A(k))\Leftarrow Q^+(k)+Q^-(k)$
  23. \ENDFOR
  24. \end{algorithmic}
  25. \end{algorithm}
  26. \end{document}

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Postby GommaFleX » Fri Nov 11, 2011 12:07 pm

thank you for the response. Anyway i found the solution. There was an error with missing brackets in the line above. TeXnicCenter produced the output without line break, but TeXmaker forced me to correct the error before producing output

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