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Hi I'm an Indian, I'm New & I need your support.

Postby Pratyush » Sun Aug 30, 2020 7:23 am

Hello, My name is Pratyush. I want to make 'my dream book' on subject math. Latex has come as real life saver. I only knew DTP softwares, wasn't aware of LaTeX. I guess, I was living under the rock. :( . But I now I know about Latex.
Everything was fine, when Suddenly.....
I reached a serious text formatting error , And I need your help.
While I will be busy with my books and stuffs, I will certainly come here to get guidance.

I will make different post i.e. different sub-section that specific Text Formatting section.

Thanks and regards, :D :D :D :D


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Hi I'm an Indian, I'm New & I need your support.

Postby Sumalatha » Mon Oct 11, 2021 12:07 pm

Hey Pratyush,

It would be better if you can explain to us the actual formatting error that you encountered!

Nonetheless, there are plenty of online resources are available to learn the LaTeX formatting! Also, to help you get started with it, here are a few of my recommendations!


All the best!

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