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Hello! Writing a book...

Postby AliceWonderMisc » Mon Aug 27, 2018 7:09 am

Hi - I'm not new to LaTeX but in no means and am expert. About a decade ago I went through the process of creating a package for a commercial monospace font from postscript source, still use it, but at this point I'd have to look up how to do it again if I wanted to repeat ;)

Mostly light user, but that's changing as I am now writing a book on Reptiles and Amphibians, so becoming much more involved with LaTeX and BibTeX usage than ever before, but still trying to keep things from getting too complicated as I like KISS.

But... and this is why I love LaTeX - when you do need to something complex there's a way.

Part of my book is original species descriptions for the species covered. One of those species, the original species description is from 1782 and the published article uses Fraktur

So now I have a side project of trying to transcribe the bitmap scans of the original article into LaTeX, where it then becomes fairly easy to make Roman script version (few words have changed spelling), and can work on an English translation with help from German speaking family and friends (My mother was born in Germany).

It's actually quite fun, though frustrating because sometimes the scan of original is poor making it hard to distinguish some glyphs, but I'm getting there.

When done I plan on uploading the transcribed version to or related with the original article in Fraktur, Roman, and an English translation - so others who want to read the original article can.

Anyway wanted to introduce myself. Don't have a specific question but wanted to say hi.

And that I'm very appreciative of all the work that has gone into LaTeX and TeXLive over the years. It makes things so much easier for me.

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Postby AliceWonderMisc » Mon Aug 27, 2018 7:22 am

Oh for the gory details if anyone is interested - I use TeXLive on CentOS 7 - but I have TeXLive installed in /usr/local from TeXLive

I don't use the CentOS packaging, in the distant past with teTeX it frustrated me how often I'd have to stop what I was doing to install RPM packages. Learned my lesson. Just install TeXLive from upstream source and install it all at the start, so anything in TeXLive is there and ready to use.


For text editor I use LaTeXilla - but only for text editor that has good LaTeX syntax highlighting, I use shell to compile the document etc. and don't use templates. LaTeXilla has a lot of neat looking features I never use, just thought I'd mention it since I see others mentioning their favorite editors. Also use vi in terminal for quick edits.

And I use pdflatex to compile document. Use to go the ps2pdf route years ago due to some issues with pdflatex that long since have been fixed. PDF is nice because anyone can view / print it.

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Postby Stefan Kottwitz » Mon Aug 27, 2018 11:12 am


interesting! I guess your editor LaTeXila is that one that has been renamed to Gnome LaTeX.

I use TeXworks. I like that it's plain and simple, and has code and PDF preview side by side. (with "Jump" commands between code and output in sync)

Also I install upstream TeX Live, not from the Linux repositories (I use Ubuntu). So I get the newest packages and can update independent of the Linux distribution.

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Postby AliceWonderMisc » Mon Aug 27, 2018 7:54 pm

It could be. It wasn't packaged for CentOS 7 so I took a Fedora src.rpm and rebuilt it, haven't updated it in a very long - so it may have been renamed.

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Postby beningermany » Tue Aug 28, 2018 6:44 pm

The GNOME Project has released a new development milestone for the LaTeXila software, an open-source TeX and LaTeX editor used by default in the GNOME desktop environment. ... 8013.shtml

By the way, i am a beginner to use latex and I use texmaker, which is good for beginners, in my opinion.

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