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Problems with memoir + MnSymbol

Postby apc » Mon Aug 02, 2010 8:19 pm


It appears as if calling MnSymbol is messing up with spacing. I'm using mathspec with Minion Pro as the main font, together with Memoir, to produce the following title:

Spacing without \usepackage{MnSymbol}
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The title is obtained via a custom chapterstyle, using the following code:

\pretitle{\vskip 6em\flushleft\Large \bfseries}
\posttitle{\par\vskip 0.5em}
\preauthor{\flushleft\small \lineskip 1em}
\postauthor{\par\vskip 0.1em}
\predate{\flushleft\scriptsize\vskip 0.35em}
\postdate{\par\vskip 2em}

Now, if I call the MnSymbol package (either directly in the preamble of the file or as an option in my .sty file---incidentally, for it to work I need to embed it in a `\AtEndOfPackage', though I can't see why), the spacing specified inside `\preauthor' and `\predate' appears smaller than before:

Spacing with \usepackage{MnSymbol}
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I can adjust the spacing by increasing the number of em I'm using, but I want to be able to call MnSymbol as an option without changing the title format.

Any thoughts?

Thanks a lot,


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