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Is it possible not to use \XeTeXinputencoding ?

Postby fomin » Wed Jun 23, 2010 11:59 am

Hello all!

I have a lot of TeX-files, like that

  1. \input my-macros-and-packages-define-all-that-need.tex
  3. ....
  4. Useful Content
  5. ....
  7. \end{document}

I process these files with latex and pdflatex, and all "insides"
(documentclass, ifpdf, hyperref setiing, macroses and so on) are
hidden from content writer.
And all these files in "cp1251" encoding.

All OK with latex and pdflatex.

But then I try to use xetex, I need to specify

  1. \XeTeXinputencoding "cp1251"

in each file, because

  1. \XeTeXdefaultencoding "cp1251"

specified in "my-macros-and-packages-define-all-that-need.tex"
does not affect to main file.

Is it possible to specify input encoding of LaTeX files
without XeTeX-specific instructions in main file?

May be exist command line parameters to xetex or something else?

Thanks all in advance,
Sincerely, Stas Fomin

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