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{xe|lua}latex + svmono + newfloat + biblatex = ↯

Postby user49915 » Fri Aug 09, 2019 4:23 pm

Running xelatex or lualatex on

  1. \documentclass{svmono}%%% V 5.6 from <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... ation/5636</a><!-- m -->
  2. \usepackage{newfloat}
  3. \usepackage{biblatex}
  4. \begin{document}
  5. \end{document}

spits out the following error:

  1. ! Package biblatex Error: Patching \addtocontents failed.
  3. See the biblatex package documentation for explanation.
  4. Type H <return> for immediate help.
  5. ...

What would be a (permanent) bugfix?

The maintainers have been informed via an e-mail. Though, I'm not sure whether they'll read it; ; Springer rejects my e-mails on the SMTP level. (How about boycotting Springer for their "friendly" and "welcoming" attitude towards supporting typesetting and scientists in general?)
If they read here, they are kindly asked to feel free to provide a bugfix. (Of course I know that newfloat has not been designed to work this way, but, if we say this, we would have to admit that, broadly speaking, all of (La)TeX itself is one big hack and has been used beyond its limits for ages....)

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