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KOMA Script | Initial »scrlttr2« Experiment

Postby jamtat » Thu Feb 09, 2012 8:42 pm

As I continue trying to learn my way around LaTeX by using it for some of my projects, I've now decided to try composing an official letter using it. Searching the internet, I came to understand that the Koma-bundle provides superior letter production, which reinforced a recommendation I got in another of this site's forums to look into Koma-bundle in regards to a header issue.

So I found and am trying to use the document class scrlttr2. I produced a successful copy of my letter by modifying a template I found at ... -in-latex/. I'll go ahead and paste the template here for reference:
  1. \documentclass[paper=a4]{scrlttr2}
  2. \usepackage[english]{babel}
  3. \KOMAoptions{fromalign=left, fromlogo=false, addrfield=true,
  4. backaddress=on, subject=titled, subject=left,foldmarks=on,
  5. fromphone=on,fromemail=true}
  6. \setkomavar{fromname}{Thomas Mustermann}
  7. \setkomavar{signature}{Thomas Mustermann}
  8. \setkomavar{fromaddress}{Some street 23\\Postcode City}
  9. \setkomavar{fromemail}{}
  10. \setkomavar{fromphone}{00000000}
  11. \setkomavar{subject}{Here goes the subject of the letter}
  12. \begin{document}
  13. \begin{letter}{Some firm\\some area\\some postcode\\some country}
  14. \opening{Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,}
  15. this is the main text
  16. \closing{yours sincerely\\ \mbox{}}
  17. \ps
  18. Take care. this is postscript.
  19. \encl{enclosures}
  20. \cc{additional addressees}
  21. \end{letter}
  22. \end{document}

I changed the paper size (to letter, for my purposes) filled in information needed for my letter, and even managed to include a scanned signature using the graphicx package and \includegraphics.

Despite that success, there are still some issues, as follows. First, this document class is set up to create a sort of professional-looking heading for the document which does, in fact, look nice. It takes up about half the page. It seems to me perhaps this was done because this class was created for business letters, which can sometimes be as short as two sentences; so there is a need to occupy the excess white space with relevant material.

Well, I'm not writing a business letter--though this is an official letter (request for visitor's visa application). It has three paragraphs. As a result of the top half of the page being taken up by the header stuff, the last sentence of the final paragraph of my letter, as well as the closing signature, get pushed onto a second page.

My preference here would be to have everything on the first page, and to try and condense the heading material so as to accommodate the text of the letter along with the signature. But I can't yet see how that would be done. Can anyone provide tips on that?

Also, the graphic I've included to provide an actual signature (it's a scan of a signature converted to EPS) somehow gets quite a lot of vertical white space inserted afterward--perhaps because it was intended that blank space appear there for someone to write in. But in my case, the graphic is the writing that needs to go in that spot (between "Sincerely" and the printed name of the letter writer). In this case as well, I cannot see a way to remove the extra vertical white space. Any pointers on that?

Finally, have I chosen the wrong document class for this project? Should I be using the older letter class for this?

Input will be appreciated.



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Postby jamtat » Fri Feb 10, 2012 6:46 am

I didn't find a way yet to tweak the amount of space the heading takes for this document class. I've got a lot to learn. But I did find out how to eliminate the excess space that was appearing between the signature and the signee's printed name: I needed to comment out the lines
  1. \setkomavar{fromname}{Thomas Mustermann}
  2. \setkomavar{signature}{Thomas Mustermann}

sine those lines apply to the letter closing, and the solution I found for including the scanned signature (found at ... -as-image/ ) supplies those lines in the closing code.


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Postby jamtat » Sat Feb 11, 2012 8:51 pm

I gave up on scrlttr2. I found it much easier to use the old LaTeX letter document class. For anyone reading this who may want to try scrlttr2 nonetheless, be aware that its stock configuration is for a4 paper size (which won't be an issue for many, admittedly) and, so far as I could determine, it is not easy to change that--seems to require creation of an *.lco file, from which scrlttr2 reads key values. They claim in the KOMA documentation that scrlttr2 is supposed to simplify letter creation but I found the opposite to be the case: it was far more complex and technically daunting to use scrlttr2 than to use the standard letter document class.


Carsten Schroeter
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Postby Carsten Schroeter » Mon Feb 24, 2014 12:28 pm

Facing the same issue (adding the scanned signature image) I took some time and found that all I had to do was slightly change the previously suggested code:
\closing{\Yours sincerely,\\ \includegraphics[scale=1.0]{./My-Signature.jpg}}
No need to uncomment anything. Alas, still there is a little too much space between signature and name below.

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