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Reviewing the LaTeX and Graphics contest

Postby Stefan Kottwitz » Fri Jun 22, 2012 12:15 am

Hello dear forum members,

perhaps you already have seen it in the front page: 10 authors have sent contributions to the contest “LaTeX and Graphics”, all have been published. Big thanks go to the authors for their great work!

Did you like an article? Or many? It would be great if you would

  • comment on it - what you liked, what further ideas do you have about this topic. Feedback is very welcome by authors. If you already read an article, it's still a good idea to visit the article again and to comment on it.

  • blog about it - if you are a blogger. Tell your readers, which article you liked, what do you think about the contributions.

  • share it via Twitter, google+ or Facebook - there are buttons for it over and below each post. Spread the word about LaTeX!

Choosing the winners, will be a hard decision. You can help us: show to us which contributions are the most liked by you.

Here are the nominees - please vote, comment and share!

Did you follow the contest and liked it? Should we make another one later, with a new topic and new books as prizes?

Let's take some time together for reviewing, then will know who has won the prizes.

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