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Problems when making TeXnicCenter portable

Postby stromovka » Wed Feb 08, 2012 10:26 am


I followed a suggestion I found on the net to make TeXnicCenter portable. They suggested to use the program Reg_Rapper. Basically, Reg_Rapper sets the Windows Registry properly, so a given program "sees" the registry keys it expects to find. The solution works quite well, but there is an issue on the storage of Output profiles.

I have checked that the entry "ProcessCmd" in the branches "ViewProjectCmd" and "ViewCloseCmd" include a "\n" sequence to separate the Path of the executable and the command line arguments. However, I have detected that the "\n" sequence is not properly imported by this Reg_Rapper program nor the Microsoft reg.exe command.

I suggest modifying the program to ease the portability, namely not including the \n (carriage return) sequence in the registry entries. To do it, I think the "ProcessCmd" could be splitted in two entries: "ProcessCmd_Path" and "ProcessCmd_Arguments", so the "\n" sequence is not needed any more.

Thanks a lot for your attention.


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