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Tino Weinkauf
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TeXnicCenter 2.0 Alpha 2

Postby Tino Weinkauf » Thu Dec 31, 2009 2:42 am

Just in time for the New Year, we have released the second Alpha version of the new TeXnicCenter 2.0 development branch. You may install it alongside the stable TXC 1.0 (put it in a different directory).

This is an ALPHA version of the software. It is not stable, very likely to crash, and you may loose your data.

Having said that, the developers work with this version on a daily basis without too much trouble. It is designed to work alongside TeXnicCenter Version 1, i.e., you can have both installed in different directories.

We have fixed many issues since TXC 2.0 Alpha 1. Most noteworthy:

  • Bibtex and MP files are not registered anymore with TXC.
  • Use new style for browse for folder dialogs.
  • Fixed bug where modified documents were not properly handled on close.
  • The content of a line deleted using Ctrl+L is copied to clipboard.
  • Modified incremental search behavior.
  • Select block between braces was not working.
  • Middle button click closes active tab.
  • Fixed #2889654: Unicode characters after a backslash were unreadable.
  • While executing post processors console windows became visible.
  • Fixed #2889317: Personal dictionary is stored in UTF8.
  • Added colorization for \usepackage and \documentclass.
  • Default editor font is chosen from the following list: Consolas, Lucida Console, Courier New. First successfully created font will be used.
  • Applied patch for bug #2841142: Package Installation dialog not shown.

Known Issues:

  • Replace in selection: selection shrinks. Be careful with that.
  • Spell check does not work inside braces {}. This may be a feature. Lets see.
  • TXC 1 and TXC 2 may compete for the file associations *.tex and *.tcp.
  • Some toolbars re-appear after re-starting TXC.
  • The defaults are not very user-friendly. Toolbars, menu, shortcuts are all subject to change in the future.

Happy TeXing!

The TeXnicCenter Team
TeXnicCenter Maintainer

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