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How to use the navigator?

Postby lightworks » Thu Apr 10, 2014 8:00 pm


I'm currently running the TeXnicCenter 2.02 Stable with MiKTeX 2.9. I have to make a large document so I decided it was about time I learn to use the navigator in TeXnicCenter. By navigator (if that's not what it's called) I mean the Tool Window for Environments/Files.

I couldn't find how to use it in the help and I couldn't find any tutorial eather. So if there's something I missed (probably is) out there, I would love to receive the information!
Besides that, my particular question is:

I built a project with a main and several files which I included in the main. The main builds fine, and the reference of every equation/figure labels are good in the document. But in the Environments window I just have empty folders of Equations and Figures (and etc.).

Since the folders show but they are empty I'm assuming there's something I'm missing. Did I do it all wrong?

Thanks a lot in advance for any help!

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