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Regular Expression extended search and replace

Postby Kittybriton » Wed Sep 02, 2020 6:12 pm

The story so far: our heroine has searched the forums and drawn a blank. What she needs to do is use regular expressions to identify, and replace non-TeX formatting. The original file was coded in UTF-8, but a quick conversion to ANSI simplified a lot of the work. However, the original used underlines to delimit italicized words and phrases.

How to use the advanced search and replace to identify an underline-word|space|punctuation-underline pattern and replace it with \textit{-word|space|punctuation-} ?

I'm not new to RegExp design, but I can't find anything in the TeXnic Center manual about using RegExps to edit, and none of the various flavors I have previously encountered seem to be recognized, meaning:

pattern: _change me to italics,_
RegExp: _(italics)_ - some editors use parentheses, others don't. Some editors allow subtitution of a number code (i.e. $n) to identify a subset to be preserved as part of the substitution. gAWK allows the use of the "&" to indicate that this part of the match should be preserved.

BUT WHAT DOES TeXnic Center recognize? :?:

Miss T.Fied (aka Kitty)

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