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I'm looking for a specific editor

Postby Montag » Wed Aug 25, 2010 9:53 pm

I'm looking for an editor with the following specifications (they all must apply):
  • runs on Windows 7
  • displays a "project" similar to the TXC, meaning it displays the document structure and/or the included files if there are multiple files included via \input
  • can insert a linebreak in the .tex-file itself (I am not talking about any of the commands
    1. \\, \linebreak, \par, \newline
    , I mean the actual TeX code) => or if you know the solution to this problem, this thread becomes redundant :)
I hope someone can help me. :)
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Postby frabjous » Wed Aug 25, 2010 10:15 pm

TexMakerX has these features and runs on Windows.*

I'd be shocked however if you couldn't solve the problem from the other thread from within TexnicCenter. Their website strongly suggests you can use regular expressions and escape sequences in find and replace. (The usual regular expression escape sequences codes for newlines are \n or \r depending on the version/encoding, so e.g., searching for \\code and replacing with \n\\code should put a newline before all instances of \code -- the \\ is the regular expression for \.) However, I don't use Windows and so I can't check.

[EDIT: * Previously I suggested both texmaker and texmakerx, but on closer scrutiny, only the TexMakerX version has good support for regex and escape codes in Find and Replace.]

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Postby Montag » Wed Aug 25, 2010 10:58 pm

Yes, TXC can display, find and replace some regular expressions like a "tab" (this french word for quotation marks ... guillem something) or "space" (big bullet), but not a linebreak. Or I didn't try to find it the right way.
By the way, a blind attempt to find and replace "\command" with "\n\command" didn't work. Was worth a try though. :/
I am honestly lost with this problem inside of TXC. Appearently and actually they do not seem to advertise this particular feature. ;)

Wow, I'm getting a bit loopy working with TeXMakerX. So many colors and options to configure. :shock:
OS: Win 7 64-bit LaTeX: MikTeX 2.9 64-bit Editor: TXC 1 RC1

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