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Information and discussion about AUCTeX, an integrated LaTeX environment based on GNU Emacs and XEmacs
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Postby newsy » Thu Aug 28, 2008 2:05 am

Well, I'll chip some stuff in related to AucTeX because I'm using it heavily right now.

The Info manual for AucTeX is available within Emacs at C-h i d m Auctex RET. Also, RefTeX is a wonderful piece of work for bibliographies and figures. Aim it at the right .bib and it'll do all the work for you, too. You want to read the reftex info manual, but the important variable to set using a file variable in Emacs for RefTeX would be

% -*- tex-master:"tex master file with includes.tex" -*-

Definitely check out the resources available at for all things Emacs and AucTeX related.

I don't use most of AucTeX's shortcuts except for C-c C-s (start a new section with the label), and reftex's C-c = and C-c ) for referencing, but I do like it's folding mode, which hides the ugly \ref{fig:blahblah} and replaces that with a simple [f]. C-c C-o C-f/ C-c C-o C-b enables Folding mode.

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