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Hebrew encoding problem

Postby nomishmon » Thu Aug 08, 2013 10:58 am


I am using WinEdt 8 on Windows 8. It complies well English and Hebrew documents. Hebrew - both new documents generated on this new computer, and old ones (previously produced on WinEdt 7 on a Windows 7). But while new files show correct Hebrew letters on screen, old files show strange (Latin) accented letters on screen, instead of Hebrew letters.

In the preamble both new and old have:
  1. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
  2. \documentclass[12pt]{article} %%%%%%%%
  3. \usepackage[cp1255]{inputenc} %%%%%%%%
  4. \usepackage[english,hebrew]{babel} %%%%%%%%
  5. \usepackage{amscd,amsmath,amsthm,amssymb} %%%%%%%%
  6. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

Any suggestions?
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Postby nomishmon » Wed Apr 22, 2015 9:30 am

Since I finally found the solution, for the benefit of others:

Open old file in WinEdt. Then
Document--> Documents Settings --> CP Converter

choose "Custom ANSI code page"

Then: Apply
Then: Reload

(The "Reload" seems to be the crucial step I was missing).

document settings.JPG
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