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Autocapitalisation in search function workaround

Postby trekcicity » Wed Jul 22, 2020 4:53 am


I'm posting this because I have found a frustration which I suspect I am not alone in (as google pre-empted my search term) so I thought I would post this for anyone else who comes across this issue.

If you use the search function to search a term, it adds that term to the drop-down (history) list for the current session. If you then realise, after searching that term, it's somewhat ambiguous and you would rather do a case-sensitive search, the search will autocorrect the newly entered, case-sensitive term, back to whatever you originally typed when you click search. The way I've found to solve this is to simply close the session and restart. This clears the history list and allows you to now enter the case-sensitive term without autocorrecting it.

Hope someone finds this helpful.

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