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Texmaker very slow (freezes) with labels and (sub)sections

Postby JohnBarrdear » Mon Jul 30, 2012 4:09 pm

I'm using Texmaker v3.4.1 on Windows 7.

I have quite a large document (roughly 70 pages at present, it will grow to roughly 200) with a correspondingly large number of chapters, (sub)sections and labels.

I am finding that Texmaker becomes very slow, even unresponsive, when I create a new (sub(sub))section heading or label, or when I modify an existing one.

I have tried turning off "Check for external changes" in the editor options, but had no luck (although that does seem to have improved it a tiny bit).

It doesn't seem to matter if I have the structure view open or not, or if I have the PDFviewer open or not.

It's obviously quite frustrating. Does anybody else have this problem or, better yet, have any suggestions on how to deal with it?


Update: I have realised that this problem only occurs when I have been working in a single session for a long time (including closing Texmaker, later restarting it and choosing to "Restore previous session"). If I close the application, restart it and open my documents manually, it all speeds up again.

I've logged an issue here:

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Postby jjabramovich » Sun Jul 17, 2016 2:20 pm

I've had the same problem in a large document (~50 pages) with multiple input files when editing chapter and section names. Your updated solution does not seem to work in my case but a small workaround is to remove the last }, edit the title as plain text, and then close with } again (with a small lag).
I would guess the problem stems from automatic structure updates even with the tab closed.

System: win7 64 bit.

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