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Auxiliary Files in Sub-directory

Postby Sjmacewan » Mon Aug 12, 2013 8:49 pm

Hello everyone,

In an effort to keep my directories clean I have created a sub-directory of the directory where my .tex files live called "tmp". I enable the writing of the output files to this directory by using the following option in the LaTeX command from the Build panel of Kile's Configure menu:

  1. -output-directory=tmp -interaction=nonstopmode '%source'

This part works fine. To be clear the directory structure is like so:
  1. document
  2. -file.tex
  3. -morefiles.tex
  4. -file.bib
  5. -tmp/
  6. --file.aux
  7. --file.dvi
  8. --morefiles.aux
  9. --.....

I then proceed to create a bibliography files in the main directory (the same one where the .tex files are) "file.bib" and add it to my primary .tex file file.tex by
\bibliography{file.bib}. When I try to compile now I am met with the following error.

  1. [Bibtex: The file /full/path/file.aux does not exist.]

The problem here is that it is looking for the aux file in the main directory and not the sub-directory where they are put.

I have tried using the following option for BibTeX with no change in this result.

  1. --include-directory="./tmp" "./tmp/%S"

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


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