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Wrap brace around word feature

Postby B_B » Fri Aug 09, 2013 11:01 am

Hi guys,

I installed some upgrades (to improve my performance on my notebook) but unfortunately some Kile settings got reset. I had to re-enable the AutoBrace plugin which now does not work as before any more.

What I LOVED was to mark a word "test", press for example "{" and the word got wrapped in the braces so it resulted in "{test}" rather than replacing the word with the braces "{}". This does not work any more and I cannot find the option to enable it again. Was it a plugin that got purged from my notebook? I also have KDE+Kile on a Windows PC installed and would love to have Kile work the same way there (not sure if it's any different actually).


Edit: Addition to make it more clear maybe: It's the same functionality as if you mark a word, then click on a button for e.g. italic or bold characters, just without having to press a button. It wraps around the word (and even puts the \textXY command in front).


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