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Causing Lyx to save a relative path to \textclass

Postby yaron160 » Sun Apr 04, 2021 11:13 am


I have an issue with editing the same lyx file on two different systems (both running Linux).

The lyx file I work on uses a local layout that resides in the same folder as the lyx file, so when I save the file, lyx writes in it: "\textclass /absolute/path/to/local.layout"
(where "/absolute/path/to/local.layout" is a made-out path to a layout file - used here just as an example).

My problem is that I'm working on this file on two different computers, and the file is synchronized on both systems. However, the two systems don't have the same folder structure, so while on system 1 the path "/absolute/path/to/local.layout" is valid, on system 2 it does not exist.
I found out that if I edit the lyx file to say : "\textclass ./local.layout", it is opened correctly on both systems without any error messages; but when I save it, lyx saves the full (absolute) path and then it does not open correctly on the other system.

I was wondering if there is any way to make lyx save the path to the local-layout file with a relative path, or if anybody here has an idea for another way to deal with this issue.

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