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Error in index marks

Postby diazdeus » Tue Nov 24, 2020 9:58 pm

In the pdf generate with ps2pdf all the bookmarks are OK, but not in the Index marks. The document is a book and there are cahpters and sections. In the markers window of pdf archive, I can go easily to the chapters and sections, but I cannot do the same with the marks of the chapters in the Index: nothing occurs.

This is an extract of the code for the Index, al the beginning of the document,that I write mannually:

\pdfbookmark[-1]{ÍNDICE GENERAL}{índice}Índice general
\pdfbookmark[1]{Capítulo XXXIV. MAGNETISMO TERRESTRE}{capítulo34}
Capítulo \ref{chap:34}.– Magnetismo terrestre.
[sec:3401].– Campo magnético terrestre. Definiciones y unidades, 1. [sec:3402].– Componentes del campo magnético terrestre, 2. [sec:3403].– Declinación magnética. Su corrección, 4. [sec:3404].– Inclinación, 4. [sec:3405].– Cartas magnéticas, 5.
\pdfbookmark[1]{Capítulo XXXV. AGUJA MAGNÉTICA}{capítulo35}
Capítulo \ref{chap:35}.– Aguja magnética.
[sec:3501].– Definición y nomenclatura, 11. [sec:3502].– Momento magnético, 14. [sec:3503].– Sensibilidad y estabilidad, 15. [sec:3504].– Obtención de las características, 16. [sec:3505].– Relleno del mortero, 17. [sec:3506].– Revisiones, conservación y cuidados, 17. [sec:3507].– Emplazamiento de la aguja, 18. [sec:3508].– Distintos tipos de agujas magnéticas, 19.

This is the LAST line in the preamble of the document:


This will be an ebook, so the marks in the pdf are a very important subject.

Thank you.

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