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Space removed / document still altered

Postby johnny7 » Tue May 21, 2019 4:17 pm

after two years I came back to LyX and installed the newest version 2.3.2. Everything feels smooth and good, however I noticed a behaviour that seems new to me and that bugs me slightly: When I type a space / blank character at the end of the document and then put the cursor somewhere else, the space gets removed automatically. Also, when I enter a space after a word, this is removed automatically, too, so no change is shown, but the document is still marked as altered (the save button becomes blue). I know of course that LyX does not permit two spaces behind each other, but I still don't remember this particular behaviour. Has this been changed during the last two years? If the document remains unaltered I would prefer the save button to remain greyed out.

Edit: Finally I found a similar question, so I'm not the only one wondering: ... -able-to-u
How can I report this to the developers as advised?

Edit: It seems to have been fixed:

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