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Stefan Kottwitz
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New features in LyX 2.3

Postby Stefan Kottwitz » Thu Dec 21, 2017 1:03 am

Hi fellow LyX friends!

The first public release candidate of LyX 2.3 is available. It is for public testing. For serious and stable work one should wait until the final release.

The new version looks promising as it has a lot of new features.

With its new file format, it

  • supports biblatex natively
  • works with multiple bibliographies (with biblatex, alternatively via the bibtopic or the chapterbib package)
  • alternative text versions with inverted branches
  • dynamic quotation marks and new quote styles
  • better reference handling
  • native microtype support for micro-typographic enhancements
  • additional font support (Crimson, Noto - the latter for comprehensive Unicode support)
  • about a dozen new supported languages
  • new supported LaTeX commands: \xout for strikeout, left aligned equations (fleqn class option, \mathindent), left or right displayed equation numbering (leqno, reqno), \baselineskip, subequations with a dedicated module
  • an Inkscape figure template

Further improvements are

  • footnotes directly within tables
  • localized nomenclature
  • much better on-screen display of math equations with very improved spacing algorithm
  • detection of external file modifications
  • improved cursor movement and selection
  • better row breaking and alignment
  • more sophisticated outliner and navigation menu
  • more precise forward and reverse search
  • improved change tracking
  • additional layouts
  • reorganization of external templates

and many more improvements under the hood. Full overview of the new features:

News and download are here:

If anyone tries it, let me know how it does!

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Postby extall » Mon Apr 09, 2018 3:20 pm

Dear Stefan, I am presently using 2.3RC2 “in production” and so far I am enjoying the experience. I switched to a RC mainly due to the fact that a notorious and extremely annoying copy-paste-crash bug is apparently fixed in this version.

However, I am using LyX under Windows. Do you have an estimate when LyX 2.3 binaries would become available?

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Postby scottkosty » Mon Apr 09, 2018 5:47 pm

extall wrote:However, I am using LyX under Windows. Do you have an estimate when LyX 2.3 binaries would become available?

There are unofficial binaries available that have been made by a LyX
developer (the same who has made the RC binaries and the official binaries for the recent official releases), that have been tested, and that from what I've heard from
users work well. The LyX 2.3.0 installers (both the bundle and the
simple installer) need to automatically update your MiKTeX installation
to the newest MiKTeX version (LyX 2.3.0 requires this on Windows). If
you are fine with your MiKTeX installation being silently updated, you
could consider using these binaries, which have been posted by the LyX
developer here:

As for when the *official* binaries will be available, I'm not sure. We
are discussing the possibility of having a dialog that simply informs
the user that an update of MiKTeX is necessary, and then gives them an
option to cancel if they do not want their MiKTeX version updated. The
rest of the installer would possibly be the same as what is posted at
the ftp above.

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