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Install LyX: MiKTeX209-core.dll is missing

Postby xinchen89 » Sun Sep 03, 2017 5:18 pm

I was trying to install LyX and updated MiKTeX according to the instruction during the installation. I got the error that platex.exe stops running, so I could only choose to close the program.

Anyway the installation continued. After the installation, I got the error that MiKTeX209-core.dll is missing when I launched LyX. The LyX is still launched, but I don't think it is launch properly. I tried both LyX-223-Bundle-1.exe and LyX-223-Installer-1.exe, same problem.

My computer is Win 8.1. I have CTEX(Chinese TEX which includes MiKTeX 2.9.2) on my computer. I am now using TeXStudio but LyX seems to be pretty awesome and can save a lot of time in editing.

Can someone help me?
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