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Overlay specifications inside overprint environment ?

Postby lyxer » Sat Jan 02, 2016 1:03 pm


I'm trying to insert “overlay specifications” inside an “overprint” environment. I've looked at the documentation but I still cannot figure out how the “overlay specifications” work. I'm attaching a sample Lyx file with two frames (examples) and I have few questions.

1- In Frame 1, I have two “overprint” environments each with “itemize” environment. I place the “overlay specifications” inside the first item. Now for Frame 1, in the first “overprint”, the first and second items (Probability distribution and Values of X) appear together in slide 2. How can I make each one appear in a different slide? In the second overprint in Frame 1, all the items appear in order, why this does not happen in the first overprint?

2- If Frame 2, I have overlay specifications in the second overprint only. However, all the three items appear at once. Why is that happening?

3- What is the difference between “overlay specifications” and “item overlay specifications” in terms of where I can or cannot use them. Could someone post a sample file?

4- Just a minor thing here, in Frame 2 (Example 2), the example starts at the center of the slide, how can I make it start at the top?

Thanks in advance,

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