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Typing delayed due to input document

Postby Thyssen » Mon Aug 17, 2015 3:11 pm


I am in the process of write my Ph.D. thesis in Lyx and have divided all the chapters into separate lyx documents and then assembled them in a master document.

My problem arises in some of my chapters(also the master document but this is less of a problem) where I import *.tex or *.lyx documents through the "input"-option. When I have "input" more then 4 documents there is a severe typing delayed. Does any know now a solution to this? (As I remove the "input"-documents the typing delay diminish as well)

***System and other info***
My *.tex documents contains latex code for graphs coded for "tikzpicture" made by a matlab2tikz scrip.
I have only one tap open at the time
The largest document with this problem have 5000 word.
Using Lyx 2.1.4
Windows 7 64bit

Please help

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Postby scottkosty » Fri Sep 04, 2015 8:24 pm

Hi Anders,

Sorry to hear about this problem. Certainly sounds frustrating. The only thing that comes to mind is--do you have the LaTeX View Source panel open? Does the problem go away if you close it?

If you don't have the panel open, can you please post a bug report at ? It would help us fix the bug. I do not think that we know about this bug so we need your help in making us aware of it. When you make the bug report, please include a minimal example. I know this takes time to create, but it would really help us be able to fix it if you can do it. For more information, see:


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