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Beamer templates and themes with LyX

Postby Gnosos » Tue Jun 23, 2015 9:01 pm

I've just started using Beamer and am confused both by terminology and how to accomplish certain things in LyX. Section 6 of the Beamer class User Guide speaks of "solution templates." Section 15 speaks of "themes." I'm not sure I understand the difference. But in addition to Beamer's templates and themes, LyX has its layouts and templates.

Because the distinction is not explained clearly anywhere I've looked, I am assuming:

- Beamer templates provide the layout and components of Beamer presentations
- Beamer themes provide colors and other looks & feel elements (sort of like CSS)
- LyX Layouts provide the interface between the LaTeX and LyX
- LyX templates provide a framework for filling in components of the presentation
- LyX has some Beamer templates and themes built in, but not all

I've read the "Presentations with Beamer and LyX" help presentation. It's not clear which kind of template it's talking about, and it never even mentions "themes." So if I want to use a specific Beamer template with a specific Beamer theme not already built into LyX, how do I do so?

And, in general, could some genius out there explain at least part of this puzzle?

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