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Satwaki Chanda
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Problems viewing pdf file

Postby Satwaki Chanda » Sat Oct 26, 2013 2:05 pm

I am using the latest version of lyx, lyx 2.06. Until today, I was able to click on the viewer and generate a pdf file. Today it doesn't work for the first time - even though the screen tells me that the process was successful.

This is similar to someone else's problem that I came across while searching various forums: ... eral/77748

This was in January 2013. The problem there was that that version of lyx (2.05) didn't work with Acrobat Reader XI. This was fixed.

Unfortunately, this seems to be a new problem for me. I am a new user - I downloaded lyx in May, and I use Acrobat 9. I have tried other solutions such as changing the custom viewer but that doesn't work either.

Would appreciate some help.


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