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How to make Lyx use Enchant spell checkin?

Postby Ultrafox » Mon Jan 21, 2013 3:05 am

Skip to point 3 for the important question.

I'm not able to use spell checking for my language (Finnish). From a newby perspective the documentation could be clearer on these issues.
I have already tried the usual things (changed user interface language and the document language to my target language, reconfigured, restarted and so on).

I'll shortly document what I have just been finding out about this issue, maybe it is useful for someone.

1. Apparently Hunspell is not capable of handling Finnish language properly so there is no point in searching for these dictionaries. Even if I could find them.

2. What about Aspell? I can download the dictionaries from here:
Great but how do I make Lyx use them? Maybe I shouldn't even try because the Lyx Wiki says:
"Beginning with 2.0 support for the aspell command line program has been dropped. Although the aspell library (aspell 0.60.x) is still supported, Windows binaries are compiled without this feature. Windows users should thus use either Hunspell or Enchant?."
So maybe there is a way to use these Aspell6 dictionaries but because there seems to be a better way to spell check (Enchant) I'm not gonna spend time on this "solution".

3. Ok Enchant is hopefully the way to go (especially since it supports Voikko the best free Finnish language spell checker around at the moment). So the question is simply how to make Lyx use Enchant? An explanation that a non-programmer can understand would be appreciated. At the moment in preferences the only spell checker engine available is Hunspell. Should I just download and install Enchant?

I'm using Windows Vista.


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Postby scottkosty » Mon Jan 28, 2013 6:48 am

Hi Ultrafox,

If you double-post, can you please link to the other post? This is very helpful and can help people from wasting their time and everyone can work together to get to a solution rather than duplicating work/explanations.

Here is the other post: ... eral/77901

If you do decide to install Ubuntu, feel free to ask questions here or on the mailing list. There are many who use it and things are pretty easy to set up (yes, for non-programmers as well).

I hope you get this figured out. I always hate to see problems stemming from the fact that the world is dominated by a few languages. I find LyX to be pretty multi-lingual friendly in general.



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