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Instant preview not working properly

Postby janinlyx » Sat Mar 30, 2024 9:36 pm

Since 1-2 years, instant preview of PDF files when inserting graphics is not working properly anymore (Lyx 2.3.7 on Mac OS). Some PDFs are shown properly, some not at all, and some are rotated by 90 degrees. When exporting the Lyx file to PDF everything is fine, so only the instant preview is affected.

I think the problematic PDFs are those that I cropped or rotated in Apple Preview (built-in PDF viewer). This used to work fine, but since a few years the resulting PDFs do not show correctly in Lyx. A related problem starting around the same time is that Lyx's built-in crop option does not work reliably for me anymore.

The PDFs in question look fine in any other PDF viewer (i.e., are correctly rotated).

I've searched if others have the same problem, but did not find anything. For some people, the instant preview does not work at all, but it does work for me for most PDFs. It is only some that don't show correctly. Anyone has stumbled across this problem?

I reinstalled Lyx, but same problem. I also tried installing Lyx 2.4 (RC3), but again same problem.

Any help much appreciated!

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