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Metafile to EPS converter: should it work from within LYX?

Postby GMorales » Wed Jul 11, 2018 1:59 pm

Dear All, thanks a lot for this forum it finally helped me to solve this issue.

The solution of copying the command "magick $$i $$o" to the converter that was not working works, but it converts a vectorized image in a pixels horrible image.

Since I always keep the last Lyx version that works (2.1.5) then I copied then I coppied the command from this version to the new Lyx version, which is "metafile2eps $$i $$o". And to make it work I needed to copy the file metafile2eps.exe from LyX 2.1\bin to the "bin" folder of the newer version.

Isn't it possible that this file metafile2eps.exe and others from previous Lyx versions remain in the newer Lyx versions? so I do not need to always keep a Lyx old version as a backup for the commands and files that are missing in the newer Lyx versions?

Btw, I could finally find the answer to this question a have had for many years. Every some years the newer version does not work properly with images in windows, so I keep with the old version waiting for a newer version without the problem. I have been a Lyx user since 2005 and this has happened to me at least 3 or 4 times. Anyway, now I can finally move on from version 2.1.5.

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