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LaTeX for Linux

Postby kaiserkarl13 » Thu Oct 18, 2012 4:32 am

localghost wrote:That's no reason at all to advice against this distribution in general just because you (and another person) had problems. I use it for many years now (since SuSE 8.1). No major problems at least since version openSUSE 11.x and higher. And I know some more people who share my experience. So much for that. It is the only distribution shipped with an up-to-date TeX Live system.

Good to know---I only say that because I was asked for an opinion, of course. It should be noted that my problems were not with TeX and friends either, and I would of course be shocked if any distribution hadn't corrected some of the problems we had at some point. It does depend on what you're running, of course. One particular issue I had actually was specific to how OpenSUSE 10.3 was sourcing things like .bashrc before Gnome started---if you use KDE, which I believe is the default interface, you might not have any of the problems I had (which is GOOD!); they may also have fixed those issues in the last five years or so.

It is actually for the reason pointed out above that I am hesitant to make a hard-and-fast recommendation for or against any GNU/Linux or GNU/Hurd distribution. It's a relatively personal choice, and one I encourage all users to explore for themselves. I can relate my own experience and preference, but you must ultimately choose for yourself.

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