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latexmk's strange behaviour ...

Postby thanaset » Thu May 03, 2018 12:18 pm


I upgraded TeX Live on both of my Windows 10 machines to TeX Live 2018 yesterday. Something strange happened and has bugging me since.

On one of my machines, I can run latexmk via the latextools package on Sublime without any issue. On the other machine, however, running latexmk via Sublime results in the following error message: Could not read log file ...

At command prompt, entering C:\>latexmk -v returns nothing. On the other machine, however, entering the same command at command prompt returns the version number. I am not sure what causes the issue on one machine but not the other.

I now use MiKTeX on both machines as I need to continue with my work but would really like to know what happened. Any thoughts will be much appreciated.


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